The different types of implants that we provide are the Custom titanium Abutments, hybrid abutments and anodized abutments. We work with all implant systems. Increase efficiency and predictability with our high quality cad/cam custom abutments. We use advanced milling and designing techniques for our implants. Utilizing this method, we are able to drastically improve our efficiency and lower cost, thus able to pass the savings along to our customers. It makes both financial and logical sense to deal directly with the manufacturer rather than working with wholesalers who are charging you a premium for their custom abutment services. All our titianium abutments come with lifetime warranty with a 5-year coverage on the implant system itself. This is possible because we are confident in our manufacturing process that follows strict manufacturing standards. We work with all implant systems.

  • We do Custom Titanium, hybrid and anodized abutments
  • We mill and design custom abutments for all implant systems in house
  • Mill Custom Titanium BARS

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